Shibba at Chandratal Spiti Valley
me at Chandratal, Spiti Valley

For a traveller, meeting people – knowing their culture, traditions and heritage is a part of the trip. People share their experiences about their journey – hotels, food, clothes but among all what really matters is how the people were they meet. Haven’t travelled anything more than Northern part of India, I always wanted to find an answer to one question, why hatred. Irrespective of which culture you belong to, religion you follow, never ever anyone preaches to hate. They all support mankind in one or other form, talking about spreading the love with all your good deeds. It’s all about adding values to life by helping and sharing your experiences with others. Life is lived to its utmost value when we have memories to cherish, the time we spend together from introducing ourselves to sharing food, cracking jokes, holding hands and a lot more. Though all this is even taught at schools but the emphasis is on inculcate good habits or we miss its meaning as we grow up but the same is taught at hills for survival. Sharing and caring/Adaptability and acceptance to diversity enhance the quality of thoughts and actions. Speak to the people who live far way at hills with minimal facilities, and they inspire you to live life in high spirits. They all are real cool dudes as despite so many challenges, they all have limited their needs to live and not just to survive. No phones but they are connected, no facebook/WhatsApp but they know the status, no cars but then they hold hands and walk miles away. The authentic food is indeed classic in candle lights, then a date in five stars (Candlelight because there is a limitation to electricity). Even nature blossom to its fullest whether it’s day or night – sunrise or sunset, mountains covered with flowers or snow, thousands of twinkling stars or much visible Milky way. I kept on wondering everyday – Early to bed early to rise, makes men healthy, wealthy and wise, was it so right. A Bicycle ride adds to the joy, morning walk and beautiful talk, No wings then you fly high. Everything makes you fall in love and a rise in soul their simplicity being at its best. Though my answer is still pending yet I have learnt to admire more … There are many things which money can’t buy, “Travelling makes you rich”.


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