Write Your Travel Story

Welcome to Covering India! We welcome you to write, and make your beautiful travel memories.

There are few simple steps to start with Covering India:

  1. Register: Click ‘Join Us‘ link and register.
  2. Set about you: It helps other readers and authors to know more about you.
  3. Set your profile picture: You need to register with www.gravatar.com with your email and upload a display picture. Your photo would then represent you at all relevant places like post headings, comments, on your Author page and so on.
  4. Send your story: E-mail your story in a word document with photos (640×480 pixels, preferably), along with separately attached photos (and not embedded in the word document), and with captions and placeholders for each picture marked in your story. This helps us in inserting the photos at appropriate positions in the post. Send your emails to info@coveringindia.com.

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