Haunted Places in Delhi
 Brijesh Kumar Maurya    December 10, 2014 

Haunted Places in Delhi

Spooky Encounters
It was late at night and I was driving down a solitary lane along with two of my friends. It was cool and calm outside and unexpectedly, the wind started blowing; we thought it was a normal irregularity of Delhi’s unpredictable weather but suddenly we saw a woman clad in a white Saree standing on the roadside. I kept driving on without looking at her as I had heard about a few spooky instances happening on this particular road. After travelling ahead we gathered all our strength and looked back and what we saw drained our blood and a chill ran down our spine. We saw the woman stuck to the boot of our car staring at us with her bloodshot eyes. I looked straight ahead and drove as fast as I could without looking back again until I had traversed that patch completely.

It is then that we caught our breath and found that the woman had disappeared. Seems like a Bollywood movie, but this is one of the many instances narrated by Delhiites about the ghosts and spirits found on the roads, abandoned houses, mansions, parks, monuments etc. So for those who believe in the presence of ghosts, here are a few places listed where you can find them.

The Tree near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station
People travelling in call centre cabs at night have experienced an energy slapping them and a woman appearing and disappearing or travelling along with the speed of the car. Yes, it sounds creepy but according to many, it’s true.

The Tree | Near Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station


Delhi Cantonment
A lush green area managed by the security services of our country is supposedly a shelter for a spirit of a lady who died in a car mishap there. Many people have confirmed her presence time and again.

Delhi Cantonment | South West Delhi

House No. W-3
It is an abandoned house located in South Delhi where an aged couple were murdered a decade ago. Various sounds ranging from sobs to screams emanate from the house as reported by the neighbours. Similar haunted houses can be found in Defence Colony, Green Park, Lajpat Nagar, Lodhi Road and many places where properties worth crores have been deserted since decades due to the paranormal activities happening in them.

House No, W-3 | Greater Kailash I, New Delhi

Khooni Nadi (Bloody River)
This flows across Rohini in Delhi and it is believed that whoever enters the river is sucked inside it by a mysterious force. Many have lost their lives there and the reason for this phenomenon is still unknown.

Khooni Nadi | Rohini, Delhi

Sanjay Van (near Qutub Institutional Area)
Sanjay Van is a stretch of about 10 Kms which has been haunted by spirits and many encounters have been reported ever since its existence.

Sanjay Van | Near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in South-West Delhi-70

Mutiny House
A memorial built by the British to commemorate the death of their officials in the revolt of 1857, people have found chopped-up moving arms and legs of the deceased officials in the evenings. It truly must be a ghastly sight for those who have witnessed it first hand.

Mutiny Memorial | In front of the Old Telegraph Building, Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi-55

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal
An old hunting lodge of Tughlaq, the name of this place is said to be derived from Bu-Ali Bhatti's name (the female caretaker of the lodge) which got twisted to Bhuli Bhatiyari. The entry to the monument from the North-East, interestingly, is twin-gated, strange for a structure that is deemed 'not so' important. It has remained abandoned and left unoccupied for centuries and is known to be haunted with various sounds and invisible shuffling activity around this part of the ridge.

Bhuli Bhatiyari ka Mahal | Jhandewalan, Near Jhandewalan Metro Station, New Delhi-05

Other places include Khuni Darwaza, Feroz Shah Kotla, Tughlaqabad Fort, Chor Minar, Malcha Mahal & certain areas of Tilak Nagar.

Based on word-of-mouth experiences, these places have received the notoriety of being haunted. It is believed that positive and negative energies work hand-in-hand. Moreover, beliefs cannot be explained as they emanate from our mind and are embedded in our hearts. We cannot test the truth or falsity of the metaphysical realms. So, whether you believe in ghosts or not, just be mentally alert and careful while crossing these places or else you may have to face the consequences.

  Brijesh Kumar Maurya  |  December 10, 2014
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